Friday, April 1, 2011

In The Red Of Night

  S-Suby p-power!
 Mr. Fogless.
  Ronald McDonald stopped by.
 Class of '86 baby.
 Fast food face-off.
 She likes it.
  Just plain EVO.
 HAY U PAK good.

  Initial DAMN thats clean!
 The Rotary Rocket.
 Beast. Nuff' said.
  Baby girl does it all on black.

  FCan't you see?
 An age old rivalry.
  Blood brothers.

  Know your AFBFCFD's.
  Definitely no weak sauces here.

DUBious. This fucking thing was so big I couldn't even focus correctly haha.


Kevin said...

Thanks for the pic of my car.BTW hayupak means beast in filipino lol

9.AM.Steve said...

HAY U no problem! Haha salamat po for stoppin' by.